Sunday, August 14, 2011

Is Levi taking a cold bath right now? Yes he is. The hot water made his "ouchy" hurt. So, I emptied half of the hot water and replaced it with cold water. And he's perfectly happy. Splashing, smiling, pouring water in and out of his boat, wanting to throw water across the bathroom. I just stand by and keep watch. I also keep watch for poop. He has pooped ... I think it's been 5 times today. I'm not sure if it's diarrea or if it's just teething. He's never pooped in the bathtub before, but that doesn't mean anything to me now, I'm always on the lookout, you can't let your guard down.

I think what we've been experiencing lately has just been teething. Hopefully not the terrible twos. I was just hoping that as I was starting the bath today. He has been so demanding this past week, so angry when he didn't get his way. We have had loud screams, hitting, throwing objects, kicking and just direct disobedience. Jesus, please help me. Please please help me.

It's difficult because you want to give them what they want. You want them to be satisfied, you want their needs to be met, that's your job as the mom. But when they are demanding and disobedient, when they complain and don't get their way... that's when you have to put your foot down. I realized today as I was emptying the bath halfway for the cold water that this is a war that goes on inside of me. The child needs a certain thing and you have to decide if it's worth it, if it is good for them, is there a good reason for this thing? And then you either tell them "yes, we can do that, let me serve you." or you can tell them, "no, that is not necessary" or "no, that is bad for you." This is the constant state of parenting. If i give in this one time I am at risk for having to give in forever. If I told him "no" for this earlier I need to follow through and discipline him. How do I discipline? Do I spank for this thing or just pull him aside and tell him "no"? Do I take that thing away?

Lately Levi has been spitting out his food. He takes a bite, chew it up and then if it is too much or he doesn't like the taste, he just spits it up. I tell him no when he spits it out, but this doesn't seem to make a difference. I have taken away the item of food or the drink that he is spitting out... so frustrating.

Yeah, so those are the things we have been dealing with lately.