Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New post here! You all thought I had quit hadn't you? I decided I would do this blog so that I would have some good accountability and motivation to keep going even through the rough times of EC.

I seriously did think that Levi had no idea what was going on for a while there but then Sunday proved me wrong. We were traveling in the car all day long and in the middle stopped at my brother and sister-in-law's house in Fayetteville. I was nursing him in the back room and knew I needed to change him. I thought, why not? Why not just try to potty him? All I've got to lose is a few moments of walking over there and holding him over the potty. Well, his first full solid poop was on their toilet. I told them they should be proud! Haha! I don't even know what my family really thinks! They smile and laugh so I guess it's okay. For sure it kept him from pooping in his diaper in the car when it would really stink and be so uncomfortable for him. What's more is that when we finally got home that night he pooped on the potty again! I was amazed. So my EC energy is back and I'm working hard on him.

My newest problem is his strength. He likes to stiffen up like a board and refuse to bend his knees when I am trying to put him on the potty. This morning he absolutely refused to I gave in, thinking that he didn't need to go. A few seconds after I did so a little fountain came right out on my leg! I was so mad! What a little goober... I didn't get too mad at him I just told him that was inappropriate and went ahead and made his little sound, but I think he could tell I wasn't happy about WHERE he had peed. I try to be clear in my body language toward him in these times. When talking to kids I always try to communicate like they can understand but then give them the benefit of the doubt if they didn't fully seem to grasp something. I will often talk to children like they are adults using the same vocabulary and articulation. I do talk baby talk with Levi and babies just to be sweet though. But if I am going to communicate about something I want to always be clear, I want to challenge them in their understanding.

Okay, so that's my communication philosophy :) And this concludes this post of my EC experience. Hope you all enjoyed sharing my adventures.

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