Monday, November 15, 2010

learning new things

Yesterday Levi learned how to point with just one finger. :) He had been pointing with all four of his fingers, but yesterday as he watched me point at something he looked down at his hand, made sort of what looked like a sign language "K" and then pointed at it as well. These are the simple things in my life that bring laughter and joy to my heart. To watch him take it in, process it and then put it into practice... I love it.

I was also amazed that as I was having my quiet time yesterday he was crawling around and would come "visit" me and start to hit on my journal or take my pen, so I told him he needed to stop bothering me right now and go play with his book on the floor. I pointed at his book and explained to him that mommy needs to read her Bible right now and he needs to wait and go read his book. He looked over, pointed and then dropped to his knees and crawled over and started turning the pages of the book! He understood me! And he obeyed me! (Even more amazing) What an incredible child I have. I don't even care that he's not walking yet, he's obeying and that's way better in my opinion. He definitely knows the word "no" but now I think he's understanding that he needs to walk away from temptation.

Another new thing he's doing is that we have a collage picture frame in our hallway and he always wants to stop and look at it. He points to himself in it as well. He used to point with all four of his fingers and this morning he pointed with just one :)

I'm slowly realizing that I need to put more pictures up. :) and get more books.

Oh yes, and he peed on the potty this morning.

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