Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I started a new blog about my life. I just thought My EC Experience is soon coming to an end. Now that Levi is 14 months, he's not that into the potty. He's very distracted by his new ability to walk and all the things in our house that he can discover. I have a feeling he will be an outdoors man because he LOVES to be outside. He will literally go and stand at the door and scream for us to let him out. I tell him he needs to put on his shoes first, and a coat, so he is very agreeable as I put those on (because he knows what's coming) and I let him out.

Anyways, we still have potties throughout the house, and I will continue to talk to him about going on the potty, but right now he is anything but interested. Maybe I need to pick up my book again. Maybe I have lost hope? I'm not sure.

I will update if anything happens. :) Thank you to all my faithful readers.

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