Monday, March 7, 2011

A Funny Story

Sometimes Levi just amazes me with the way he picks up on things.

And sometimes it just makes me laugh.

Last night Ben went out to get a movie for us. I was getting Levi ready for bed and was taking my time getting his clothes on him after his bath. I like to let him run around without a diaper for a little while. He has recently learned the word "no" and says it in a very deliberate way. I was changing his crib sheets, thinking, "I really need to get a diaper on him, he's probably about to have an accident." I got distracted and was doing something in the hall bathroom when I heard him saying "No no no." I thought, oh no, he's probably tee tee-ed on the floor. I came into his room where he was and looked all around. He was getting something off his shelf as he was saying "No no no." He got a cloth diaper (which I usually get when he has peed on the floor) off the shelf and was toddling into our room, still saying "No no no." Then it became clear to me what he was doing and I followed him into our bathroom where he got down on the floor and started wiping up the place where he had peed. The poor little fella was trying to clean up his own mess! He was telling himself no, I just couldn't stop laughing. Maybe this is counted as one of the joys of EC'ing your child. :)

I have a precious little boy. All the ups and downs and silliness. I'm sure we're going to have to have our carpets steam-cleaned someday, but I don't care, he's way better than any stupid carpet. :)

Oh yes, and he has been peeing on the potty occasionally. I'll be interested to see if I have totally ruined him for potty training or not. Who knows. I'll love him either way though.

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