Wednesday, March 2, 2011


My goal for breastfeeding was a year. I wanted to make it that far at least. From there I would decide if we needed to continue. I must say, I have loved it. It was best in the winter time when we could snuggle and keep warm together. I also felt like my immunities we protecting him from getting too sick during those winter months.

He's now 15 months and the weather is warmer. I had once thought that maybe we could make it to 18 months, but I think I'm about done. I want to be able to go on an overnight camping trip, I want to not have to wake up at 5:30 for a feeding, I would like not to have to wear a nursing bra. Too much information, I know. The problem is that Levi is not done. Several times a day he asks to nurse and often cries when he doesn't get to. Depending on the time and moment sometimes I give in. I realize that weaning is not a cold turkey thing, it's a process.

The Dr said that we would just drop down to fewer feedings (less than three a day) we do about two or three and then one day he would reject me. So far this has not been the case. He also said that I would be sad. I don't think I will be though. A lot of moms have told me that they miss nursing their child and for sure I enjoyed it very much and I am thankful we were able to... I don't take that for granted at all. But I think I am ready to move on to the next phase of life. :)

How is it that I thought weaning would be this easy, care-free process? I sort of had a picture that one day my supply would go down to nothing and Levi would just be okay with that and we would move on with our lives? Did anyone else have problems weaning? What was your experience with all of this? Some moms say they ran out of their supply too early? What happened with you? Does anyone have any tips in this area?


  1. I loved breastfeeding as well! I did it until 15 months. 18 was going to be my cut off. I really didn't think she was goin to ever want to stop. Around a year i only let her nurse when she woke up in the mornings and bed time at night. I was ready to stop by 13 months but she wld cry for it like her heart was broken if i tried to sneak and skip a session. I continued as normal after trying to skip a few times at 13 months and she just wasn't ready. 14 months she just didnt ask to breastfeed in the mornings and just wanted to at night. 15 months she just decided one night she didn't want it before bed like always and after that night she didnt ever ask again. Not once. So i guess they really do just grow out of it. Now if she had tried to continue past 18 months i wld have had to just refuse and offered milk in a cup i guess. But God worked it out smoothly and timely as i am sure it will go for you! Hope this helps.


  2. Dare I comment? :) Hopefully you enjoy my honesty friend. Now, my situation is a lot different than yours because when I was nursing Judah, my milk dried up because I got pregnant with Eva. Then, with Eva, she started biting me around 10 months and I said, "NO MORE!" I really think it's up to you. If Levi was 6 months and you were on the fence about it, I'd encourage you to keep going. If he wasn't eating anything other than milk, I'd encourage you to keep going. But the fact is that he is eating "normal" food now. Do you use a sippy cup or a bottle? If you do, I'd use some tough love and I think it's fabulous you've gone as long as you have. I personally don't think I could go that long. In fact, I'm already getting a little tired of it (could it be that I've nursed for years now...maybe?! :) ). I'll continue to do it, but when YOU'RE ready to be done, I think that's the time to stop. You're not going to kill Levi by doing this. He may be upset, but that's where he learns he doesn't always get what he wants. Some people may think I'm cruel in saying that, but seriously, if he throws fits because he wants it...not good friend. Like I've said before, you're the boss, he's not. If he wants something to drink, that's when you give him a sippy cup or a bottle. If he doesn't want that, too bad. That's what you have for him. Haha - do you hate me by now? I've just come to realize that when we give our kids choice after choice after choice, they start to get a little more naughty because then they want anything and everything because too much freedom had been offered to them. It's a freedom they don't need. You still love him. You still desire his best. But you'd like to get on with your life too. I don't think there's anything wrong with that!! That's my 2 cents. Take it or leave it - no hurt feelings on my side. You love your little man and you love him well. That's what it comes down to at the end of the day. Love you friend. :)

  3. I wanted to quit nursing when 18 months. I just wanted my body back. So we gradually cut back on feedings. I dropped one feeding about every two weeks until he was just nursing at night before bed. I definitely recommend doing it gradually because it can be very painful for you. At 17 months I just felt like it was a good time. I prayed about it a lot because I wanted Grant to have an easy transition and I didn't want to be sad about it. So one night I just gave him a hug and kiss and put him in bed. I tried to do it quickly so he wouldnt even realize we didnt nurse. He never asked for it again. It seemed pretty easy on his part. I, on the other hand, had just a couple of times where I felt sad. Those feelings didn't last long and I think they were completely normal because I had nursed for so long. The hardest part about the whole thing was the engorgement. I was in PAIN for 14 days! I tried all the tricks I found online and only found some relief when I wore a sports bra. Hopefully you won't have to deal with that. My biggest piece of advice is bathe it in prayer-for you and Levi.

  4. Just one more recommendation, have Ben put Levi to sleep during the transition. He knows he doesn't nurse from daddy.

  5. I love all of you all's advice and thoughts on this :) Thank you, it's so much appreciated. Good ideas, good thoughts :)