Monday, August 16, 2010

Levi went pee pee on the potty this morning. :) Just thought I would share that. I try to put him on it at least once a day, preferably when he first wakes up from a nap, that's usually when he needs to empty his bladder. I have caught a few poops in the past few weeks, it's usually about one or two a week.

So EC has become something that we just do. It's not like I tell everyone I know that I'm potty training my 8-month-old, not everyone wants to hear it, and I guess a lot of people already kind of know. My goal with EC is not necessarily to have Levi "potty trained" by a certain age, I think more than anything my goal is just to learn to be in tune with what is going on in his little body. To really be aware of his needs whether it's a need to be fed, snuggled, put to bed, changed or put on the potty. Needless to say I am nowhere perfect in these areas. I feel as though I have been challenged in this aspect of my relationship with him... It's like it's another guess. I'm wanting him to be aware of his needs as well, that he would know that tee tee goes in the toilet, "poop does not feel good in your diaper, so signal to mommy that you need to go." I talk to him about these things and I figure one day he will understand, hopefully sooner than I think. :)

Days are full of interruptions, this post was interrupted as well, but I'm okay with that. Kids are kids and it's time for me to die to myself. It's not easy FOR SURE, but it's good. I'm trying to ready myself for interruptions for the rest of my life now, Lord, make me and mold me.

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