Sunday, August 8, 2010

trusting God

Life is still in crazy-mode as we came back from vacation. This past weekend we had all of my immediate family in town. It was so good to see them and they were all really excited to see Levi. As the first grandchild on my side he gets most of the attention (when he's awake and with us). Watching my younger brother, he's 23, play with Levi was a highlight. He is so good with Levi, even holding him and keeping him entertained when Levi was fussy and we were all playing a game. I know that he will make an awesome dad someday.

Today I was reminded about how much children are a blessing. The Lord is the One who opens and closes the womb. He is our provider in that way. I don't know, just in general that sense came over me and I need to count myself fortunate to be able to bear children. Yes, children are a hassle and they make things a little more complicated, but they are huge blessings and should not be taken for granted.

Another personal note: I have lost a total of 45 pounds since Levi was born. I am now officially below my pre-pregnancy weight. It only took 8 months, many midnight hours, a few skipped desserts, some semi-regular walking, a lot of patience, a lot of feedings, postponing solids, some pumping, some oatmeal, in general trying to stay active, a couple of health-streaks and then just normal living in between. It's funny because I thought I would have to reach this weight or something below it in order to be "acceptable" but it turns out that I was acceptable as I was and the weight just came off in other ways instead.

Anyways, what I am trying to say is that I wish I knew all along that I was accepted and I needed to trust God before I got into all this other stuff.

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