Thursday, September 16, 2010

Levi loves going on walks. Loves it, walks are the best part of the day as far as he's concerned. About 20 minutes before we leave he gets fussy and complainy and then as soon as I open the door to the garage where his stroller is he goes bananas. Sometimes just so I can go back through the house and make sure things are off and the laundry is started I will just set him in his stroller, buckle him in and park it so it's facing outside. He just sits there quietly in awe of the nature. He could seriously sit there for 30 minutes while I do yard work. Okay, and as we walk along he makes his own bumps in the road by bouncing up and down in the stroller. He grabs the tray and I think he secretly thinks he's driving me and he's in control. He watches all the birds and dogs and the cars go by. Occasionally he looks back at me and smiles this huge smile that says, "Isn't this the best thing in the world mom?!" I just consider him to be my personal trainer in getting me to exercise every day :) He's worth way more than those guys who yell at you in the gym and he's way more effective.

Well, yesterday Levi learned how to suck out of a straw. He would always watch me drink out of my hospital canister and then grab the straw from me and chew it. He knew he was missing something because then he would let me take it back and then quickly grab it out of my mouth again, water usually splattering everywhere. Yesterday he had it in his mouth and I watched the water go up the straw! His little eyes perked up and he started to choke. I took it out of his mouth but as soon as he had recovered he wanted it back. It took a couple of tries, but then he learned to drink without drowning himself. My little baby is growing up!! I'm gonna cry, partly from joy, partly that he's not a baby as much anymore.

Anyways, EC has been unsuccessful the past few days. I'm trying to figure out when he will want to go on the potty. So we are taking a step back for now. Not a step off, but just a step back.

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