Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Starting EC (again)

I feel like my day consists of managing bodily functions. Levi spit up on our bed today. He peed in his high chair, spit up on the kitchen floor, I've already dealt with two poopy diapers... This is my job as a mom, well, part of it. Motherhood is not glorious at times, but it is necessary.

Well, my sister in law asked what my book said about starting to EC a twelve-month-old and so it got me reading again. Reading the book always inspires ore diaper-free, elimination-awareness, time on the potty time... Although it sometimes creates more messes I'm always glad for these refreshers. With each stage Levi has gone through I have to make sure that we get back on the wagon of EC. I'm so thankful that we have been practicing. I'm thankful for all the rashes we have avoided, all the diapers we have saved and that I have not had to clean and just the fun it has been to see how he responds to us when we put him on the potty.

Okay, Marcie, the book makes no distinction of ages as much as stages. They talk about when your baby becomes mobile and then when your baby is a toddler. The main thing they emphasize is creating an awareness of elimination in your child. They recommend keeping your baby diaper free for periods of time so they can see what it feels like or looks like to eliminate outside of their diaper. Levi's pretty good about staying in the living room if I am in there, or in the kitchen so I just try to keep my eye on him while he's diaper free.

Okay, they say to allow your child to experience wetness. Maybe put them in training pants of a coverless cloth diaper so that you will know immediately when they have eliminated.

The next thing is learning associations. When they eliminate make your cuing noise for them when they eliminate so they can associate your cues with eliminating.

Finally, show them the proper place to potty. I've found the Baby Bjorn little potty has been the best thing. I actually think I'm going to buy another potty to keep in my living room/kitchen area and then one to keep in our guest bathroom/Levi's room. It seems whenever I leave to get him the potty or I transport him to the place where the potty is his little bladder can't hold it that well. Some might think that this is not showing him the proper room to potty in, but I think keeping the potty in a place where he can still be with Ben or me while he goes is a positive thing. Keep the association with the potty positive, sing songs, keep toys nearby. I've found with his little shirts that snap on the bottom that it's best to roll them up while he's on the toilet, this keeps them from falling into the potty.

So right now we are working on awareness, for both him and me. :) I'm looking for patterns of when he poops or pees. I made up a potty song for him... I need to post it, but I don't know how to post music on here.

Anyways, if you have any questions about it, feel free to ask! Also, the book I recommend is called "Diaper Free Baby" by Christine Gross-Loh. Check it out at the library, get it off of Amazon or you can buy it from the Diaper Free website!

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