Thursday, April 22, 2010

Well, EC has been going a lot better. There are peaks and valleys with everything I think. I also think we are finally taking care of this diaper rash that's been hanging on for dear life. :)

Levi's had several poops in the potty, though they are not particularly substantial. He used to poop a lot more. Maybe that's because he is not in his growth spurt right now and isn't consuming quite as much. Life is much calmer when there is no growth spurt and Levi isn't constantly wanting to nurse me dry.

The diapers are getting better now that more poops are going in the potty, but I am still looking around for something I can use part time as he gets bigger. Not that he's bursting out of his FuzziBunz but his diaperaps are coming undone more and more often. Yes Lindsay, snaps do sound better.

I was also totally pumped that it made it up to 77 in our house. This makes the diaper free time much less stressful, I don't have to worry about him getting cold. I am probably more worried about him getting chilled than I am even if he pees on the carpet. There's my priorities folks.

I ordered a one side bumgenious today. Just one off of amazon. I hope it's not pink. I didn't really understand the process and I made it up to the checkout like 3 times each time thinking the price was way too much. Turns out they were trying to sell me 2 and then 3 of them... I don't know how that worked. By the end of it I was just hoping I would just order one. That's my advanced technical knowledge.

I started writing a song yesterday about Levi. The doctor said that I should write while I can because my feelings towards him will change as he grows. (He also probably knows that I will be way busier once Levi starts becoming mobile.) The song is basically about me feeling completely inadequate for this incredible task of parenting and the joy of watching a miracle like him right before my eyes.

We tried rice cereal these past two nights. Levi was not having any of it. I think for now I'm okay with that. We will revisit it again in a little while. :)


  1. I have to tell you I am not happy with my diapers either! Yet, we don't really have extra money for me to go buy more and I am hesitant to do so b/c I don't want the same problem. I try to keep him diaper free as much as I can so that he doesn't get scratched up!

    I, too, feel so inadequate in this whole mothering thing. Some days I think God made a mistake giving me children b/c I just mess up so much. But, thankfully God doesn't make mistakes, even if I do. Those days just make me realize how much I need to rely on God and not myself b/c I can't do it on my own. Every time I try it gets all messed up. Love you :)

  2. Elijah hated rice cereal too. Then I tried the oatmeal and he loved it. I tasted both of them and the oatmeal definitely has a better flavor. It has a sweeter, nuttier flavor. The rice cereal is so bland, and after mommy's flavorful breastmilk I think that the oatmeal would be a better choice.