Monday, April 26, 2010

Levi is now rolling over. Our life is changing.

He started rolling over repeatedly today. I was cheering at first, now I am getting frustrated. Especially in regards to putting him to bed. He rolls over onto his stomach and doesn't know that he can just look to the side and not have to have his face in the mattress. He doesn't know that he can just push off and right himself once more. Ben had the great idea tonight to put him next to the crib wall where he can't roll over to his side... it's working so far, but he is still crying himself to sleep.

Yes, I do let my child cry himself to sleep, it's hard but it helps me stay sane.

Today we had more than half our poops on the potty! This was SOOOOOO exciting for me! Since last week was full of "failures" or what seemed like failures I felt like I was in heaven with my sweet boy going almost every time I cued him. He didn't pee on me once and held it until I could put him on his potty. It was truly a blissful EC day.

So yes, there is life after a potty pause :) It all came back and I am so thankful. Now if only he would sleep longer than 3-4 hours... it's killing me right now. Ben got up and took care of him at 4:45 after I had nursed him at 11:30 and then again at ... I don't remember, maybe 2 or 3... I don't understand.


  1. Jody, you are an awesome mother!! and props to Levi for rolling over!! truly a huge step! I'm expecting Jarred to start crawling any day now, I walk in his room and he's sitting up in his bed all by himself. I've yet to witness the process of how he does it. or he's on his hands and knees. *sigh* life as I know it is about to get EVEN crazier!!

    oh, and I don't do potty training yet and i still get peed on. You're suffering is not alone nor in vain.

  2. I wish you could see my comments when Grant was his age. My were almost identical to yours. So rest in the fact that you are not alone. Lots of other moms have endured through these very tough times. I went for 14 days with nothing more than 2 hours sleep at a time. I thought I was going to lose it. That was right before 6 month, then he started sleeping 6 hours at a time. It will get better and there is no easy fix. Just keep on doing what your doing and praying for strength. It will get better and you will find yourself liking your child again. At least that's how it was with me. I loved him more than anything, but there were times I didn't like him so much. I hope that isn't terrible to say, but we pulled through and now he sleeps 12 hours. It will come. I think Grant was 8 months old.

  3. Maybe it's teething that is waking him up so often. Sore gums? Caroline has been napping pretty poorly lately (waking up suddenly after a not-long-enough nap) and just today I noticed two "tooth spots" under her gums. Her teeth will be breaking through soon! So I'm suspicious that that is what is bothering her napping. Maybe it's the same for Levi's nights. Just an idea.