Saturday, May 1, 2010

EC is back to normal. It was really funny yesterday because I was nursing Levi without a diaper, Ben was sitting there with me, reading a book. At the end of the nursing session Levi was getting all squirmy and I felt like he needed to go but he was holding it (for my sake :)) so I put him on his potty and cued him. He went immediately. Ben looked at me with raised eyebrows and a smile on his face. I felt like I was the most awesome mom alive! Haha!

This morning I was garage-sale-ing for some clothes for Levi. I am sick of snaps. I am dying a slow death of snapping baby clothes together. Who the heck came up with these stupid snaps? Whew, sorry about that rant, something just came over me. So I was looking for shirts and pants that are separate and have fewer snaps. Not the ones that snap under the crotch. I was rummaging through some boxes and this lady who I don't know felt that she should suggest some of the "cute outfits" that were there. So I explained, well, I'm potty training him, so I don't want the snappy things. "Oh, well, you're potty training? The bigger clothes are over there!" "No, thank you, he is five months." I'm sure you are picturing a reaction of shock on her face as I explained. Another mom overheard me and thought it sounded a little strange but she could see my reasons. Her son was almost three and she was struggling with it. "I just hope he's potty trained by the time he's ten." ... a gross exaggeration I'm sure, but still, it made me realize how fortunate I am to have already begun this process with Levi.

Lord, help me not to be prideful, but compassionate. I know that You will always humble me in this area that I really don't have any control over. I pray that I would parent him to the best of my abilities. Speak to my heart about his needs Lord.

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  1. Oh, my goodness, I HATE snaps! Shep wears shorts and t-shirts only. So glad it's not cold anymore and we don't have to deal with those sleeper pjs with snaps. (I liked the zipper ones way better) So did you find anything?