Thursday, May 13, 2010

Well, EC has been going really well these past few days. I have to watch out when I say that because I know that it's going to come back and haunt me as soon as I get comfortable. Levi will all of the sudden forget what the cue means and not know what a potty is for.

Did I already write about how much I love my BumGenius? They are adorable and very absorbent. Usually I can leave Levi in one the whole night, only having to change him around 4:30 or 5 during his second feeding. Today he didn't get up the second time until 6, so that was nice. I usually EC him about that time. He's been getting good about holding it until I put him over a potty or a sink. Then I cue him and he goes. I showed my mom and sister yesterday how to hold him over a big toilet, when mom saw he was peeing she was like, "Wow! He's doing it!" It was funny to see them get excited about it.

I was thinking about it yesterday and I really need to start having other moms over to my house to talk about being a mommy. I go to these La Leche meetings and I think, "wouldn't it be cool to just get together and talk about EC-ing and the Lord, and what it means to be a mommy day in and day out?" I am finding that being a stay at home mom is a fading trend. Working outside the home is completely normal, even with a small baby. Why is that? Why do I often feel so alone in this? Why do I feel so isolated at times? My saving grace has been facebook messaging, phone and email. These have been welcome outlets for my desire for a human connection. I have to watch out that TV shows do not become my social interaction. I have a tendency to just desire talking and noise, but I don't know if that is always healthy.

I have decided that today I am going to finish painting Levi's room. Or at least I'm going to work on finishing it. It's often a lot of work to paint on the walls. And then to find the time to do it can be difficult! I think I will try to get him to nap in another room today so I can just go in and attack the walls! I will post pictures later.

Thank you all for reading! Until next time...

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