Monday, May 24, 2010

Doctor Visit

Well, we went to the doctor today for Levi's six month appointment. I had noticed yesterday that Levi had a little bit of blood in his stool, it was especially noticeable because he pooped in his potty. I told the doctor about it and then he took one look at what I thought was a diaper rash and he said, "That's an allergic reaction. He's allergic to something." The problem would be trying to figure out what it was. I could slowly try to cut things out of my diet and figure it out that way or we could have a simple blood test done and be able to detect the problem a lot quicker... if that is even the problem. It could be his diaper, it could be some sort of strep on his bottom... blah!!!

So I opted for the blood test just to make things simpler. We had already waited almost an hour in the waiting room. I am not blaming anyone, because I know that doctors are busy and sometimes they get behind, but it stinks nonetheless. So we started out the appointment already completely worn out. Then we got the awesome news about his allergy, then we got our vaccinations (yes, I do vaccinate Levi, I was vaccinated and so was Ben and we are fine and I believe the autism being related is ridiculous and would rather that he didn't die from common childhood ailments)

Then we finally went to get blood drawn after having shots in both legs. It is a traumatic time and as a mom I just have to keep reminding myself that it is for his own good. Levi really is amazing though. He was past his nap time and we were in the laboratory and I had to lay him on the table while the lady swabbed his little bottom. Then she had to feel for a vein to take the blood from his chubby little baby arm. As she ran her finger up and down it he began to laugh. It was so sweet, his laugh is so pure and so beautiful, there is just nothing like it. He would laugh and then start to cry a little and then laugh. It was like he was on the verge of hysteria. ... let me just say that he was pushed over the verge as they poked him. It was like he knew what was coming too, I don't know if it was because I was leaning over him or what, but he knew.

Again, he is so amazing. Throughout the rest of the time at the doctors it was just little whimpers and when we got home he nursed and went right to bed. I am so blessed to have such a sweet little boy. As I think of his precious little face right now tears are coming to my eyes. I love him so much!

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  1. Oh Jody, what a sad, sweet story! Poor little guy! I'm so glad you are going to be able to get his rash taken care of though. I'm sure he'll be so much happier (if that is even possible). The whole time I was reading, I felt the mother bear in me growling. :) You know those kind of things are for their own good, but it doesn't make it easier to put them through and witness.

    You are doing such a great job!!!

    Looking forward to seeing you and your family in just a couple of days!