Monday, June 14, 2010

I have found that as soon as I think that I'm really good at something, as soon as I'm on top of my game, as soon as I think I have something "in the bag" that God decides He needs to humble me. Conversely, I am beginning to think that as soon as I am about to give up hope, success happens upon me. This has especially been my experience with EC. I will explain after I give you a list of what has been going on lately.

-Went to the Dr and she prescribed some amazing steroid cream for Levi's ongoing stubborn rash. It was completely cleared up by the next day. Why did I not do this sooner??

-Caught two pees in the past two days.

-Went to a baby shower, gave her a toilet. Of course I did. She registered for it though, so you can't really blame me :)

-Picked up my Diaper Free Baby book to read again. We have been getting off track and it's time to get back on.

-Worked in the church nursery yesterday, but it was with the crawlers so Levi was next door. I knew he was in good hands, so I was okay with that. I'm excited for when he will start to crawl.

Okay, so here is my story of my blessing... haha! Just as a warning, if you don't like poop stories I would encourage you to stop reading now. However, just by the fact that you are reading this blog, that probably isn't the case :) I know, what an intro right?
Well, Levi has been pooping two to three times a week since Memorial day. He pooped last Sunday, then Wednesday and then pooped again yesterday. I have been introducing solids, but not super-regularly, maybe every other day, maybe twice a day. It's kind of erratic. I pump when I feed him solids so my supply doesn't go down. I just have one kid, I have time for this type of thing. Anyways, he had peas and cheerios on Saturday morning. Cheerios are amazing because he just sits there in his chair and tries to pick them up and when he gets frustrated I just put one in his mouth and he gums it and swallows. This keeps him occupied while I do things like make Ben's lunch or clean the kitchen, and sort of even feeds him at the same time! Amazing!
Sorry, I will get to the story.
This morning I wanted to give him more diaper free time. So I nursed him without his diaper on, just held a prefold under him, then tried to potty him and he didn't do anything. So I brought him out to the living room while Ben and I read our Bibles. He was on his belly, still without a diaper. We happened to be looking at him and all of the sudden Ben was like, "Jody, he's pooping." And then I saw it. Luckily, it was solid and just starting to poke out. (TMI, I know) I wasn't sure what to do since I didn't have a prefold there or anything, I just stuck his cloth diaper under him and ran for his toilet back in his room. I was worried that if I picked him up during it he would freak out. He did cry and seem upset as I put him on his toilet but we sang a song and cued him and let him chew on his toy and he pushed the rest of it out! Oh my gosh, I can't believe I'm talking about this... But I was so excited!! It was my first solid poop I had ever caught, sort of caught... I mean, at least it didn't get on the carpet.

Yeah, so that was my little "blessing" today :) haha! I'm hoping this will continue. Just trying to stay humble.

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  1. Good job on catching the poo!! Michael is still a 1x per week kinda boy so I still haven't caught one. This week he decided to do it during church ;)

    I am so glad they got you some cream for his rash and so glad it worked. Sounds like what Michael had on his face. I am serious about using aquaphor daily on his trouble spots. We haven't had any flare ups since I started using that stuff :)

    Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks!