Sunday, March 7, 2010

Again, posting while Levi sits on the floor without a diaper on :)

The other day I was talking to a mom and her son didn't potty train until he was four. Four years old and still in diapers! She said she wishes she had known about EC and that it was a difficult time to train him. This makes me sad that so many people in America feel like they need to "wait" until the child is "ready" to toilet train. Do we do that with other natural functions like teaching them to eat? No! We shove our breasts into their little mouths because it is good for them, they will die if they don't eat! I know that's a little extreme, but we do we not put our children over the toilet when they are younger? I just don't understand. Does anyone have an answer for me?

I just had to say this: I think that when Levi is screaming my reasoning capacity goes down by about 75% ... It's like I become stupid or something.

One thing I consistently like about EC-ing is that I have found it helpful to stick Levi on his toilet after he feeds because this often gives him a chance to get out a couple of good burps, it's also just a good time to smile and laugh with him.
I am also just a big fan of becoming aware of what his movements and facial expressions mean. I've been reading that it's not necessarily about just getting them to potty, but it is more about establishing strong communication with your child. Sometimes it's strong and sometimes I totally misread poor Levi. :)

Yesterday I was actually gone for most of the day, leading worship at a youth conference in town. I had Levi with me for part of the time and the rest he stayed with Ben. Ben's really good about giving him diaper-free time, but I had to restrain myself when he told me that he didn't put Levi on the toilet. It was stupid of me to be mad at that, but Ben picked up on it later and he potty-ed him later in the day. In the middle is when I had Levi. I have gotten into taking him to the toilet in womens restrooms in public. I just put him between my legs with his back to my stomach and hold up his little legs and make the sound. He has pooped once doing that and peed a couple of times. Just make sure you get the feet out of the way with little boys or else they will end up with wet socks :) Another time the bathroom was empty and so I just peed him in the sink. That way I could stand and see better what he was doing.

God continues to refine my heart and teach me that I am not in control. He teaches me to delight in Levi whatever it is. It's truly a refining process.

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  1. I loved your screaming comment...haha! You got that right. This is really random, but one time both boys were in their bed protesting a nap. I think one woke the other up or something. Anyway, they were both screaming at the same pitch. I just died laughing...the life of a Mom=)