Friday, March 26, 2010

So when I started this blog I was thinking that I would post every day. But ... I mean, really? Is it possible to post about your baby's poop every single day?

So yesterday Levi had lots of pees in his potty. Not one poop. A few days before that we had almost all poops and no pees. This seems to be our pattern. I am now expecting us to have a completely off day where I put him on his potty at all the wrong times and we just live through it. :) Maybe it's good to expect days like that so that I'm not completely depressed that day.

I've been listening to Dave Ramsey's podcast while nursing and then EC-ing. I want to call in and talk about how EC could save new mommies hundreds of dollars on disposables and even money on washing diapers (water, detergent, time, ect...) But I'm pretty sure the phone screen-er wouldn't let me through on that one. I think an average of 2500 dollars is spent on disposable diapers in a child's life.

One thing I am thankful for is that we get some pees over with. Levi tends to overflow his diaper at night or during naps, but if we can make sure he gets some of his pee out beforehand that is pretty awesome.

Been reading in Christine's book Diaper Free Baby about EC-ing during middle infancy. Some good times to offer the potty are:
-after waking
-during or after nursing
-before leaving the house
-after returning home (if they aren't asleep in the car seat :) )
-right after taking the baby out of the sling, stroller or car seat
-when changing baby's diaper
-before or after bath
-before bed

Okay, so the after nap thing... sometimes if Levi isn't too upset when I get him I take off his diaper while he is lying in his crib, pick him up with a cloth diaper or two in my hand and just nurse him with a cloth diaper under him. This way I can see if he is pooping or peeing. He seems less likely to poop then, more likely to wait. I just have to watch for the pees. The cool thing is that if I just watch him closely I can usually put the cloth diaper over him and catch his fountain pretty cleanly. At this time I can cue him too. It works pretty well. Then after we are finished nursing I can just put him on his potty that I keep next to my nursing chair. I even put it on a stool so I don't have to bend over to put him on it.

I just have to make sure and retrieve the dirty diaper in his crib afterwords. Sometimes I come back some time later and see his little wet diaper in the crib... whoops. :)

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