Monday, March 8, 2010

I have found it helpful to listen to podcasts while I nurse Levi. This allows me to give him my visual attention and yet be able to listen to messages. Some of my favorite ones to listen to are:
-Family Life Today
-Revive Our Hearts
-John Piper
-Dave Ramsey
-Nuclearity (I love this one, but there were only 38 of them and then he stopped making them. If you haven't listened to it, they are really well done and very very interesting.)

Anyone have any recommendations for others? I used to just get on FB or something when I was nursing, but it was too distracting, and especially didn't work if I wanted to nurse Levi without a diaper on. The listening has been very good for me.

Maybe I need to find an EC podcast! Ha ha!

Spring, keep coming sweet spring, keep coming! I long for your warm sunlight, beautiful flowers and green grass, I long for your leaves on your trees, your early morning sunrises and your late evening sunsets...

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  1. I've got some awesome podcast recommendations for you, but they are home on my computer. I'll try to remember to email them to you when I get home tonight.