Thursday, March 4, 2010

The space heater has been my new best friend. I am into letting Levi be diaper free just after he has gone on his potty. The only problem is that we like to keep our house at about 68 degrees in the winter time and his little legs get kind of cold. So I finally went to Bed Bath and Beyond and paid 20 dollars for a little space heater. It's a great thing to use while changing his clothes and just to let him be on the floor without a diaper on. He LOVES the no diaper time. I'm hoping this will be more motivation in the potty training arena.

I'm still working on looking for the signals that he has to go. He's always moving, so I'm wondering if it's when he starts to get quieter and more introspective that he actually has to go. Usually it's just after he nurses, or sometimes 15 or 20 mins later. So I sit and fold his cloth diapers and sort of clean up his room as I am waiting for the signal. I like to sit and talk to Levi and smile and play with him in this diaper free time. I just also need to keep an eye on the clock and make sure the day doesn't get away from me.

I'm studying the wife of noble character in proverbs 31. I think that EC is a good way to be diligent and faithful with my children and the money my husband brings in.

Just as a status update on Levi: one poop and two pees in the toilet yesterday. So far, it's 9 am and he's had two pees and no poops in the toilet.

Thanks for reading!


  1. It's so easy to stay committed to things when they go as planned and you see fruit. Not so easy when you don't see the fruit. You wonder, "Is it worth all this hassle? ...Am I just frustrating myself and my poor baby?" Stick with it though. Just like everything else in child-raising - consistency is the key! Praying for you, my EC sister :-) That the Lord would teach, stretch, and encourage you through this. Who'da thought...sanctification through potty training!

  2. So, I've got a question. How would you give a "roly-poly" little girl "naked time" I wish I could set her on a towel or something just in case she went before I could get her on the potty, but she would just roll right off of it. What are you going to do when Levi starts rolling over?

  3. Marcie, I don't know how to respond that you would know... so maybe I will post as well in fb form.

    Rolly polly huh? I wonder if you could put down a pee pad, some sort of plastic liner in her pack n play and let her roll around in there. Does she roll far? I wonder if you could try to keep her close as you play a game with beka and trey... i don't know... i struggle with Levi coming off his little pee pad too cause he scoots himself along with his legs (oh dear, what will I do when he starts rolling over?) I just try to stay near him while I'm on the cpu or something and just move him back on it when he gets off. I sort of grab his legs and gently scoot his bottom on the pad :)

    hope that helps! love you marcie!