Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My new favorite thing? Update the blog. You may think I am writing this to inform others of Levi's progress, but it is really just for me. :) This thing is like therapy for me. I have someone to tell about all of Levi's potties, because Ben doesn't always want to know. I can review what went wrong and what went right, I love it. :)

We have been keeping our windows open the past two nights because the weather is awesome! The only problem is that Levi gets cold. So I closed his door and his window and left the space heater on in there and he slept 10 hours last night! Yes, 10 hours. We woke up at six and I ran in his room, I guess I thought the space heater had overheated him and that he was suffocating and I had accidentally killed my child. Side note here: There are so many times when my mind thinks completely irrational thoughts of how Levi might have died in the night or during his nap with a blanket or a space heater or... who knows! Then I have to step back and think, "was that even logical?" Most of the time it's not. Maybe those fears are just part of being a new mommy.
Anyways, I woke Levi up at six, he opened his eyes and we fed and everything was great. I expected him to have overflowed his diaper cause usually he overflows the Fuzzi Bunz. But he hadn't. So I took it off and it was kind of light, very strange. I put him on his potty and he went seconds later. Poop then pee... Maybe I should wake him up each time... I didn't wake him out of a dead sleep or anything, but at least this time I didn't wait until he was crying before I went and got him.

Very interesting.


  1. I've woken Anna up a couple of times from a nap because we had to get ready to go somewhere and she went both times. Too bad you can't program babies to sleep an exact amount of time, then you could get them up a minute before and put them on their potty. Of course, then I wouldn't be as excited about a good long nap or a surprise pee or poop. :)

    It sounds like you and Levi are doing great, though! He should be totally potty trained by 6 months :) He needs to help Anna out...I've actually gotten a bit discouraged. Her poops aren't regular, so I can't anticipate them at all. She went again this morning at around 5, so I obviously missed that one. Hopefully, I can catch it if she goes later today.

  2. Don't be discouraged! Just keep doing it when you can and she will eventually learn that she is supposed to potty on the toilet. I am so sure that she will be trained by the time she's a year or so. Especially if you give her lots of praise for when she does go to the potty. If you get tired of putting her on the potty, just take a mini break and just put her on once or twice a day, make the noise if you hear her poop... just don't be stressed out about it. I'm amazed at what Levi is starting to understand. The more I read, the more I find it's best to train them in this time when all they want is to please you and before they reach the difficult twos. Just don't stress. It's sooooo easy to stress. It's good just to think about what happened and why instead. Know that what you are doing is good :) love you marce!

  3. I totally go to that place about Lauren somehow dying in her sleep. I go back and forth with blankets and fans trying to get the temperature 'just right'.
    Logan says it's a mom thing...