Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sitting on the floor with Levi. He pees a lot! He's already peed twice within a ten minute span of taking off his diaper. I caught one on the toilet and then five minutes later I watched as he began to pee into the air :) Luckily I was close by to put a hand over it and keep it from getting everywhere.

He's peed pretty much every time I have put him on his toilet today. That is encouraging. I have only caught about three of his poops this whole entire week. Normally I have been able to catch more, but it's not like he gives me a lot of notice. He grunts and I put him on, he looks contemplative and I put him on, we change his diaper and I put him on... I think I just need to learn to be thankful for those times that he has peed into the toilet and those few times we got the poop.

I think I also need to chill out on the sticking him on the toilet thing and go back to becoming more aware of his poops. The only problem is that I think he poops a lot when he first wakes up and of course I don't know until he is crying for me to come get him and he's already finished his business. We will see. :)

I have this premonition that he is going to be a mover someday. He already is in a lot of senses... he doesn't stop moving for anything. He can scoot himself across the room without even knowing what he is doing. I am already praying for that time when he will be able to know where he is going.

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