Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Well, the timing thing worked again today! I noticed that he had a poopy diaper around 9:30 or 10 today so I had him just naked on the floor while I painted on his wall, waiting for the time. Then he started to cry like he was hungry. I have noticed his hungry cries have a little cough that goes with him. Sleepy cries are whiny sounding... I'm learning! So I fed him while just holding a cloth diaper under him. I hadn't showered so I didn't care if he would pee on me or not, but he didn't. While he was eating he kept looking up at me as though he had to poop, but I think he was holding it for me. So he had finished eating and I put him on his potty and made his noise and he immediately began to concentrate and push. I get tired so after a while I think about taking him off, but then I thought, "no, he is at least pushing, the only way I am taking him off this thing is if he stops." I let him kind of lean forward to push, I think that helps. In a few minutes he pooped! I was amazed! (I always am) :) So then we sat for another few seconds and cheered and I took him off and he was smiling and happy and we cooed and smiled that he had gone on the potty.

Crazy huh?

I am thankful I persevered through last week's depression. I am praising God for the revelation he gave me.

I hope this helps you all if you are thinking about EC-ing or whatever.


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  1. keep at it jody! i don't have a baby yet, but i love reading about your adventures. i find this whole ec thing really fascinating.