Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Well, today was full of struggles and triumphs.

Sometimes I'm not sure why Levi is crying. Is he hungry? Is he tired? Does he have a diaper rash? Does he need to be changed and pottyed? What is the problem. It is really difficult when I have a headache too because then it's like a hammer is being driven into my head with each piercing scream.

I had a few of those moments today. Mostly he was just tired.

It's really the worst when you think, "Maybe he just wants to go on his potty." and that's NOT it. That's when his face turns really red and he is really going, except that it's worse for you because it's right in your ear as you are holding him trying to make the noise into his little ear so he can at least hear you. It's only partly rewarding when you take him off and see that he did actually pee, but he is no happier. Lord, please have mercy on me!

That's what I keep finding, this whole mothering thing of potties and diapers and breastfeeding and all of the craziness of having an infant, of being a mommy, is calling me to my knees. There are so many times when I have to just give up and pray. I keep thinking that I can do things on my own, but then my pride puffs me up and Levi is peeing on the floor... but then at my weakest time when I am done with everything and it all seems hopeless because he has not once gone on his potty today I put him on just to see and make his noise and he starts to grunt and not but 30 seconds later he has pooped on his potty. Why can't I always have those weak, I give up moments? Probably because reverse psychology doesn't work with God. :)

Another day, another set of diapers to clean. Until next time,


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  1. I totally agree with you! The newborn phase is a tough one for me because it feels like a constant guessing game. However, they do stay in one place, don't talk back, and give you the biggest smiles just for seeing your face...these qualities can't be beat! :)

    Anna peed on her potty 3 times this morning! She usually poops and hardly ever pees so I was excited. I sat her on the potty right after I fed her and she went. 15 minutes later, she was fussy so I sat her on it again and she went! About an hour after I fed her rice cereal, I put her on the potty before changing her clothes and she went again...she still hasn't pooped today, but hopefully I'll catch when she needs to go!

    I'm so glad I decided to do EC and want to thank you for encouraging me to do so. It really has been a lot of fun and doesn't take near as much time as I thought it might.