Monday, March 8, 2010

Well, this whole potty training experience is a mommy training experience too. I was getting frustrated because Levi wasn't pooping in his potty as much as before and I was quickly becoming disappointed in myself. Then tonight I realized that he just isn't pooping as much in general! I think before he was pooping about 6 times a day and now we are down to about 3... very interesting. I wanted so badly to catch a poop today I must have stuck him on his toilet like 30 times, no joke. Poor kid. Then I thought, what about the rhythms? Hasn't he pooped around 6:30 or 7 the past few nights? So I decided to try it. And it worked! My first poop in the potty since like Thursday!

I need to get a life... seriously.

I guess this is what being a mom is all about, the simple things, the little things that make our day. Little smiles and laughs, a good long nap, a sleeping baby through the busy grocery store. It's the littlest things that I never would have thought of before. How life changes when a child comes into the picture. I want to treasure these moments that I just get to sit on the floor and we just smile and laugh at each other. I love it how Levi smiles with his whole body, his eyes get big and his mouth comes open and his legs rock him back and forth as he gives a little squeal. Those are the best times. I am so fortunate, so blessed to be a mommy.

God continues to show me that I have no control over my life. I was reading in Matthew 23:12 today the scripture that says, "For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted." I was convicted anew of my own pride and my own desire for my self-exaltation. I want to learn to humble myself.

Thank you all for sharing in my thoughts today. I love you!


  1. Reading your post got me so excited about getting Anna and Levi together again! Anna is getting more and more of a is so much fun to watch. She loves attention and will smile at anyone who gives her the time of day. She also loves movement, so I have a feeling she and Levi could be quite the pair one day. :)

    I've been somewhat discouraged with how little I have caught as well. She hasn't pooped on the potty in a couple of days. I think she is down to pooping just once or twice a day. I think that is what wakes her up in the morning, so I often don't get to her until she is already finished. I guess I'll see if the trend continues over the next couple of days.

    The Lord has been convicting me about not taking for granted the moments I have with my sweet kids. They are each fun and special in their own way and it is always amazing to me how God allows me select times during the day to spend time with each one individually (ex: Trey getting up from naptime before Beka, Beka going to bed late, Anna nursing during their naptime, etc...) It really is a blast being a mom and I wouldn't trade it for any other job in the world!!

  2. I am excited to see them together too! So fun when they get more into their personalities :)

    I hear you on the "moments with our kids" thing. It is hard not to be distracted by the world, the house, the computer, the phone, ect. I want to value my kids and let them know that they are special to me and created by a good God who loves then far more than I ever could. I'm sure I will understand this struggle even more as God continues to give us more children. ummm, I am praying about adoption and what all that means. This is a scary subject for me, but I have been feeling the conviction of God all the more in it.
    So yeah, just praying I guess.